The Schuylkill County Book Of Lists, A collection of Historical Facts


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Compiled by J. Robert Zane in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of
the Historical Society of Schuylkill County

The Schuylkill County Book of Lists is a kaleidoscope of historical facts involving Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, presented in a familiar style of lists for easy reference. It is not merely a history book, fact book or a reference book. It is an informative book that is meant to provide entertainment to the reader. This is an amazingly interesting book of Schuylkill County events and names from the time of the founding of the county to people living today. The following list of chapter titles will give you an idea of the variety of interesting Schuylkill County topics covered in this book:

Congressional Medal of Honor Winners, Noteworthy Military Figures, Congressmen, Musicians, Disasters Literary Figures, Clergy, Churches, and the Spiritual Breweries of Schuylkill County, Pro Baseball Players, Medical Professionals, Inventors, and Creative Thinkers, Schuylkill County Movie Connections, Controversies Artists & Sculptors Law and Order Who, What, Where.