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Kilpatrick’s Raid Around Atlanta


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By Mary L. Weigley

This first time author has put together an interesting and informative account of a long overlooked action, Kilpatrick’s Raid Around Atlanta, August 18-22, 1864. Focusing on official reports, diaries and letters from participants and accounts written after the war, she tells the story of the raid through the eyes of both Union and Confederate soldiers. Judson Kilpatrick’s troopers spent four days and nights in the saddle, continuously skirmishing with Confederate troops under the command of William Hicks Jackson, tearing up large sections of railroad tracks, burning the Jonesboro depot, making a daring sabre charge on the grounds of Lovejoy Plantation after being surrounded and swimming a rain swollen river. The Union horsemen began their raid on August 18 at Sandtown, the extreme right of the Union army, arriving at Decatur, the extreme left of the Union army on August 22, having made a complete circuit of the Confederate army.