Images of America: AROUND ST. CLAIR


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By St. Clair Community and Historical Society

St. Clair lies in a narrow valley rich with anthracite resources. Town was established in 1831, during the great hard coal boom in northeast Pennsylvania. As a demand of coal increased, the town grew to a high point of 7,000 residents. Photographs in this book show the fortitude of its people; the notable residents who have gained national acclaim for their achievements in the labor movement, medical field, and professional sports; and the divers culture that make up the town.

Town historian Robert Scherr, Dawn Morris-Bicht, James Hess, and Val Davis, along with members of the St. Clair Community and Historical Society, have put together vintage photographs and enlightening captions to illustrate the pride, determination, and ethnic diversity that has shaped the culture and economy of St. Clair.