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A true story of martial law in an anthracite community

By J. Robert Zane

On July 30, 1902 the Great Anthracite Coal Strike, which was already in progress, took a violent turn. Joe Beddall, a hardware store owner, went to the assistance of his brother, a county deputy sheriff. He was brutally murdered by a mob of his own neighbors in the first ward of Shenandoah, PA. The incident caught the attention of the Governor of Pennsylvania and even the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. 1902! Gives you the inside story of what really happened. When author J. Robert Zane was told the story of the Bloody First Ward by his grandfather he could not find any proof of its truthfulness in any books. For years he thought that the story was an imaginative story made up by a grandfather to entertain a youngster. The story stuck with him, as it was full of adventure, immigrant settlers, troops on horses, murder, revenge and labor struggle. “1902! The Great Strike in Shenandoah, PA” is an interpretive historical accounting of the community, the labor dispute and subsequent riot, murders and court trial. Interspersed with ethnic and family stories, the book brings to life a by-gone time loaded with adventure and suspense.