The Official Historical Society of Schuylkill County

Jewish Heritage Videos

We are now offering a DVD collection of Oral History Interviews with the following individuals
available for either viewing at the museum or for purchase ($25/copy):

  • Arnold Delin
  • Sam Weiss
  • Renee Moss
  • Rubin March
  • Frank Tenenholz
  • Benjamin Platt
  • Dr. Norman Wall
  • Mynee Edelson
  • Dr. Emanuel Diamond
  • Molly Abeshaus
  • Ida Meirowitz
  • Max Antoklitz
  • Sylvia Lappen
  • Al Krop
  • Alex Lipkin
  • Sol Cotler
  • Morris Cotler
  • Mollie Kaiman
  • Liz Anton
  • Louis Rubin
  • Isadore Krasno
  • Max Anotokolitz
  • Bernie Holstein
  • Sylvia Lappen
  • Ida Meirowitz
  • Dr. Marvin Diamond
  • Elise Diamond
  • Dolores Delin

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